Advertising with Bdjobs

Large Number of Visitors
This is the largest and most popular career management site in Bangladesh. This site is being hit by over 8,00,000 (on average) visitors every month, and this number is increasing rapidly.
Visited by Your Target Consumers
Just think about the background of the visitors of this site. Educated, young and modern people with an outward looking attitude. Aren't they the consumers for your brands?

You can have a congregation of the smartest people of the society who will choose your product.
Longer User Login Time
As this is a job site, the visitors spend longer time here, compared to other normal portals. This is required for extensive searching of jobs, resume posting/modification or for asking questions to the career counsellor.

So your brand gets more exposure.
Cost Effectiveness
The rates for advertisements are very low. At the same time, your communications will be directed specifically to your consumers, without any distortion. And you give them a better exposure to your message.

So the effective cost of reaching each consumer becomes very low. In return you create the top of the mind awareness.
Enter The Age of E-Commerce
The Internet is already taking over business activities worldwide. It is now knocking the door of Bangladesh. The time has come to us also to enter the age of e-commerce. Can we afford to fall behind?
Enhance Your Corporate Image
By entering the age of e-commerce, your company will play a pioneering role of the future of e-commerce in Bangladesh.

Your advertisement (banner, logo etc.) can be linked to your company's web site also. This can enhance your corporate image as well.
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