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bdjobs-amcat employability certification

Bdjobs.com Ltd has introduced bdjobs-amcat employability certification test. Candidates are evaluated through an adaptive test with standardized questions under proper surveillance at bdjobs test center to obtain this certificate.

Learn about candidate's skill

This test measures candidate's skill and generates a statistical report (i.e. candidate's strength and weakness). It does not only assess candidate's aptitude or logical ability but also focuses on candidate's area of study and his knowledge for that particular job position.

Assess eligibility for specific jobs

Certified candidates are evaluated subject wise for specific jobs (e.g. HR manager, Management Trainee etc). From certified candidates' report employer can understand about candidates knowledge for that particular position. Please click on below to view details of certification.

List of certification

Why the bdjobs-amcat employability certification is important to employers'?

bdjobs-amcat employability certification may help you to extract eligible candidates and shortlist them effectively.

Initially get to know candidate's expertise for particular job position you have offered.

Hire the best candidate from thousands of applicants for your every single job post.

Details report of a bdjobs-amcat employability certified candidates including his/her areas of strength as well as weakness.

This certification carries an international value as it is already been used for some international companies e.g. Amazon India, Microsoft India etc.

It will shorten the process time significantly which will affect the overall recruitment process in terms of recruitment cost.

How to figure out certified applicants among all applicants?

A badge has been introduced as "bdjobs-amcat employability certified" and this badge will be visible to employers as it is placed on candidate's photo. Employers can also see this badge in details cv with whole test score in a tabular form.

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What job seekers' think about the certification

"It was an awesome experience to be seated for bdjobs-amcat test."

- Syedul Islam

"Lots of analytical questions which were a bit tricky. But it was a great experience answering these questions."

- Ziad A Nasser

"This is an effective process in order to select qualified candidates. I have got a lot of experience by appearing this test. This method was different from others selecting process."

- Md. Moniruzzaman

"This is the first time I saw such kind of interactive test in any job portal. This is really an interesting way to justify candidates. Really it's an excellent comprehensive aptitude test. Thanks."

- Mohammad Zahidul Islam - CISA

"It is a great initiative for job seekers and indeed helpful for employers as well"

- Abu Raihan Chowdhury

"This is good initiatives for new job seekers and competitive as well for getting the dream jobs."

- Ishtiaqe Ahmed

bdjobs-amcat employability assessment test

This is a computer adaptive test which measures job applicants on critical areas like communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills and job specific domain skills thus helping recruiters identify the suitability of a candidate. Employability Assessment Test not only provides scores but also a detail report on individual candidate (including his / her strength, areas of improvement etc.) which may help the recruiters in different ways.

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