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Job Wise Assessment

In current employment market of Bangladesh, locating right candidate is expensive in terms of time and cost let alone drizzled with huge applications and missing the best candidates. To solve the problem Bdjobs-amcat Employability Assessment Test offers a proven solution which is used by Microsoft India, AMazon India etc. to shortlist the right candidates in cost effective way and not spending time on wrong candidates.

Bdjobs-amcat Employability Assessment Test brings a ultimate solution to locate right candidates with minimal effort and cost.

  1. Reduce 75% of interview cost.

  2. Automated , Valid, Reliable scientific process.

  3. The test is used by more than 200 companies world wide along with Microsoft India, Amazon India etc.

Price and Order

For Local Employers

  • Tk. 5,000 for each job position
  • applicable VAT rate - 5%
  • applicable VAT head - web-listing

For Foreign Employers

  • USD 70 for each job position
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