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  • Vacancy announcement for your organization is featured at the 'Hot Jobs Listing ' section at home page. Organization logo and the list of jobs are placed with links with a customized job detail page with company brand color.
  • The job will be displayed maximum 10 days on 'Hot Job' section and complementary 30 days on 'Category' or 'Basic Listing' section.
  • The customized Job detail Page which is linked with home page contains job requirements, job responsibilities, a brief company profile, organization logo, Organization brand color, corporate slogan/message etc.
  • designs this customized details page without any additional fee.
  • The 'Hot job' posting on is 55 times cheaper than newspaper job advertisement.
  • Generally a 'Hot job' gets 525% more view than a 'Basic Listing' job.
  1. 2 million+ unique visitors per month.

  2. 150,000+ visitors per day.

  3. 100,000+ applications daily.

  4. 100,000+ views per job.

  5. 1.7 million+ registered professionals.

  6. 12,000+ of companies recruit through

Price and Order

For Local Employers

Job Position Price (Tk.)
1 Tk. 9,900 + VAT TK. 495***
2 Tk. 7,250 + VAT Tk. 363
(for each job position)
3 Tk. 6,000 + VAT Tk. 300
(for each job position)
4-5 Tk. 5,750 + VAT Tk. 288
(for each job position)
More than 6 Tk. 5,000 + VAT Tk. 250
(for each job position)
* Posted at a time, for each job position

For Foreign Employers

Job Position Price ($)
1 $150***
2 $115
(for each job position)
3 $100
(for each job position)
4-5 $95
(for each job position)
More than 6 $90
(for each job position)
(Add $55 for Add-on Support.)
* Posted at a time, for each job position
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