Disability and Inclusion practices
Through our inclusive and accessible platform, we reach out to a large number of jobseekers with disabilities and connect them with inclusive employers.
an image of a  person with disability sitting on a wheel chair and operating a laptop for recruiting
Recruiting persons with disabilities
Recruiting persons with disabilities should be the same process as recruiting persons without disabilities. It should be inclusive, with clear communication and accessible information.
It should not be assumed that persons with disabilities can only do certain jobs. Job descriptions must clearly define what a role is and what qualifications and skills are required. All candidates can decide whether they are capable of doing the job with or without reasonable accommodations being made.
Selection of candidates must be based be based on their ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation and not on the basis of their impairment.
Disability and inclusion services for Employers
I2i's private sector engagement strategy seeks to increasingly engage businesses as partners and in future disability-inclusive programming. We reach out to companies providing a series of services:
  • Sensitise businesses on inclusive workplaces, systems and policies that ensure safety and equal opportunities for Persons with disabilities, with a focus on women with disabilities.
  • Support employers finding the right talent for their positions and supporting selected candidates to access the right support to make the best out of their new jobs.
  • Access to online training and resources for private sector companies to address their needs and concerns around disability-inclusion, including an e-learning module for employers on hiring and retaining Persons with disabilities.
  • Conduct gender sensitive accessibility assessments of businesses.
Deliver private sector inclusion award schemes and disability benchmark standards (based on the ILO's disability confidence ratings) to recognise and support companies who champion employment of Persons with disabilities Job placements and upskilling.
Creating an inclusive workplace
Small changes in infrastructure and attitudes can help attract talented Persons with disabilities to your company. Some important steps are:
Policy and strategy
Small changes in infrastructure and attitudes can help attract talented Persons with disabilities to your company. Some important steps are:
  • Incorporate disability and inclusion into the organisation's overall strategic vision.
  • Formulate an Equal Opportunity Policy.
  • Routinely review operational policies, systems and facilities.
  • Have an inclusive plan for safety and emergencies.
  • Make physical and information infrastructure accessible.
Human resources
  • Make recruitment, training, retention and growth plans inclusive
  • Provide training and employment on an internship or trial basis.
  • Educate employees on inclusion.
An image of two persons with disability where one person who has artificial leg and another person is using wheel chair and both person are showing flag