Employers Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Job Management:

It depends on what type of corporate user you are. If you are a CM (Corporate Member), then you can extend time period of your live job as per your corporate membership nature. Otherwise, you can extend or shorten your live job within default 30 days.

If you want to repost a job within 7 (seven) days of expiration, you have to change the job title. But from after that, there is no such obligation.

You can keep unlimited number of jobs as drafted job.

Yes, you can edit any of your live job. Go to the "Edit" option under "Actions" tab.

You can edit all the fields of a live job except Job Title and Job Category.

When a job is in “pending” status, it means that your job is waiting for approval of Bdjobs.com team. You can check the status of your pending job from support.


No , once you have created an account on bdjbos.com using a definite company name then you can not chnage or edit it.

No, viewing applicant's cv and viewing CV bank CV are 2(two) different features. So viewing one will not be counted as viewing other.

You can pay Bdjobs.com in following ways:

  • Cash payment
  • Bkash payment
  • Online payment

Job Posting:

Category jobs are under corresponding catagories on Bdjobs.com but not on the homepage. On the contrary, Hot Jobs listing are on the homepage with company logo and subsequently Hot Jobs listing get much more visibility to job seekers. And also under each category job, you can post for only one position whereas under each hot job you can post for unlimited number of positions (conditions apply).

In case of standout listing jobs, you can add your job key points and company logo. But in case of basic listing, you can not avail these features.

Yes, you can make your basic listing job a standout listing job prior to discussing with Bdjobs.com.

In three ways you can collect candidates’ CVs through bdjobs :

  • Online CV /Resume
  • Email Attachment of CV
  • Hard Copy of resume
  • Hot Jobs Listing will remain live for 10 days by default.
  • Category/basic listing and standout listing listing jobs will remain live for 30 days by default.

Yes, you can post a job ad without mentioning your company name. During posting a job, you choose whether or not you want to show your company name.

Yes , you can post a job in more than one category but to do so you need to take help from our support.

While a standout listing job is being posted, it will automatically post your logo from your account details. So make sure your account details have the right company logo.


In Posted Job section just beside applicant number you will see number in red which indicates new applicants for your job.

This advanced filtering system shows the highest matched applicants for your job , this will save your valuable time and effort.

You an invite a CV bank candidate to apply to any job posted by you. In detailed view of candidate's CV, you can find this option. You can see all your invited candidates from CV bank page.

What is invite?

CV Bank:

CVs are ranked automatically based on some criteria such as completeness of CV, number of short lists against applied jobs, number of CVs viewed by employers etc. Each CV has a rank point. The CVs ranked 3 (three) stars or above are considered star candidates.

After performing each search using necessary filtering criteria criteria you can save that search filter for future use in case of same type of searching.

You can see your shortlisted candidate under CV bank menu , after opening the list you can send the mail to group using “Send Email” option.

You can download a CV at a time but not a list of CV.

Once you invite a candidate there is no option to cancel that invitation.

Technical Issue:

Make sure your browser does not have adblock add-on installed. Sometimes this add-on creates some problematic issues. And also you can change your browser to see if the problem still persists.

You can simply use help/support menu from the drop down of company name.

Service Packages:

By using service package option you can order for any service package of bdjobs.com.

When you order for a service package then our sales team will contact with you over phone or through email and provide you with necessary suggestions and instructions.

By using subscribed services from dropdown menu of company name you can see your subscribed packages.

Yes , you can upgrade the package prior to adjusting the price. Please contact sales person assigned to you to do so.

By using payment status from drop down menu of company name you can see your previous payment status.